Aerial Survey & Mapping

HELImetrex understands the need for reliable, timely survey data to enhance productivity or for precise Geo-location. HELImetrex Remotely Piloted Aerial Surveys are a cost-effective alternative to conventional aerial surveys & mapping. Whether it be simple oblique photography, complete GIS data sets or more complex 3D modeling required, HELImetrex will capture and process your data accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively. HELImetrex uses the latest in photogrammetric data capture, with 3D data capture capabilty

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Digital Orthorectified Mosaic's

Othomosaics give your surveys the best visual experience, as survey data can be overlaid  to bring our captured data to life.

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Digital Terrain Models & Contouring

Our team of processors are experts in their field, with 40 years of  combined experience photogrammetric data capture and Vector Capture, we know the best methodology to get high quality Terrain models from small format camera's or operators have experience in both Multi Ray Photogrammetry and 3D data capture.  HELImetrex ensure's that DTMs supplied, are absolute ground with Trees removed. 

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Stereo Photogrammetry Capture

HELImetrex can supply true Stereo Photogrammetric data capture, using the very best in 3D capture methods 

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Digital Elevation Models

HELImetrex supplied DEM's or DSM have ground and trees, classified. But not as absolute as our DTM 3D capture methods 

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Terrestrial photogrammetry / 3D Modelling

Terrestrial photogrammetry is a preferred method when designers and planners aim to monitor and map bridges, pipeline networks, transport network, etc. The axis of the camera takes care of the area surface to be covered. This method is more cost effective against  Terrestrial Lidar.

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The quality differential

The highly experienced team at HELImetrex also provides post-processing support to independent operators, surveyors and larger projects requiring accurate surveys, mapping, volumetric calculations, terrain modelling or specialized data extraction. It couldn’t be easier to have accurate survey data at an affordable price for . Send your image-set to HELImetrex, we’ll process it and deliver back your data in the format you want! (Subject to conditions) For all service enquiries or more information on our post-processing support please email:

ISO 9001 accredited quality system and professional staff interface seamlessly with HELImetrex data collection process.

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