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Aerial Survey & Mapping

Whether it be simple oblique photography, complete GIS data sets or complex 3D modelling, we can capture and process your data accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Environmental Monitoring

Our UAV systems allow you to rapidly and frequently survey inaccessible areas without exposing personnel to health and safety risks and are a cost-effective alternative to conventional aerial surveys & mapping.

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Aerial Inspections

HELImetrex UAV systems are ideal for conducting visual inspections providing high quality imaging and eliminating hazards associated with personnel working at height.

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Thermal Imaging

Safe, accurate and efficient UAV drone aerial thermal imaging inspection and survey services.
HELImetrex provides a comprehensive aerial thermal imaging service for asset inspection, survey and mapping using UAV drone systems.

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Bathymetric Surveys

Safe, accurate and efficient UAS Bathymetric data capture and survey services.
HELImetrex provides a comprehensive Bathymetric surveys and mapping using UAS drone systems.

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Magnetic Surveys

Magnetic surveys - More info coming Soon

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LiDAR Surveys

LiDAR surveys

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Conventional Aircraft Surveys

Conventional Aircraft Surveys

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High Quality Images & Video

Brilliant high definition video and superb high resolution still photography with a timely and cost efficient service from HELImetrex. Our fleet of UAV’s (drones) are all fitted with stabilised gimbals ready to carry a camera to suit your project. Canon, Sony, Nikon, FLIR and DJI are available as standard. Our survey cameras are all full frame DSLR’s ensuring survey image quality

Certification, Safety & Quality

HELImetrex is fully insured and certified for the work we do. We are one of a small number of UAV Operators that have been approved by CASA to conduct operations at large public gatherings and events. Our focus on safety and attention to detail sets us apart.We are your safest choice.

Professional Service with a customer focus

The team at HELImetrex recognises that both brilliant creative work and expert technical solutions require a collaborative approach. You have a vision and we have the ability to bring that vision to reality.

QuestUAV - UAV Systems

Survey Drones designed for continual use in all seasons. The DATAhawk range and the Q-200 range. 

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Aircraft RTK/PPK Systems

HELImetrex is the Australian dealer for Emlid Reach RTK / PPK systems.  

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Software & Training

HELImetrex is an authorised PIX4D reseller , HELImetrex has also been trained by PIX4D and is able to supply Survey training is this premier UAV survey software suit.

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Camera Systems

HELImetrex is the Australian reseller for both Tetracam and Sentek Multispectral and NDVI camera systems.

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