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The HarborScout USV is a small to mid-sized Unmanned Survey boat which features an excellent blend of portability and capability, 8-hour endurance, can carry multiple payloads simultaneously including single beam, sidescan and traditional survey GNSS rovers

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HarborScout Unmanned Marine System

The SimpleUnmanned HarborScout USV is a small to mid-sized Unmanned Survey boat which features an excellent blend of portability and capability. It features an 8-hour endurance, can carry multiple payloads simultaneously including single beam, sidescan and traditional survey GNSS rovers – all in a size which can easily fit in the bed of a pickup, in the trunks of some cars and can be carried by a single person using the side handle.  The HarborScout’s support equipment can easily fit in a small backpack. It’s 13 acres per hour scan rate* makes this a perfect choice for frac pit volumetrics, tailing ponds and other small to medium-sized bodies of water.

*Scan rate based on 17m transect lines at 1.3m/s, collecting a total of 4 depth points per meter.

Convenient Size, Excellent Capability

The HarborScout can be equipped with a range of survey-grade payloads (see below) and features a full autopilot making data collection exponentially easier than ever. Mission Planning can be learned in less than an hour and comes down to selecting a polygon area, specifying the transect separation which will auto-generate the waypoint path. Once wirelessly uploaded to the boat, the operator simply switches to automatic mode and observes as the SimpleSCAN precisely executes the mission, ideally from the comfort of a vehicle with heat or A/C using the long range 900mhz telemetry link. The HarborScout also includes an R/C transmitter for manual control when needed. A toggle switch controls operational modes, allowing the operator to switch from manual to auto or back at any time, making the boat as easy to operate as an R/C toy. The operator may also direct/redirect the boat at any time by selecting a location on the on-screen map to which to navigate.

The HarborScout: Built for the Real World

SimpleUnmanned Harbor pilotOf course, we love technology and innovation – sleek looking carbon fibre boats are cool! But we also have a background in industry and agriculture, so understand how just how far away the whiteboard is from the job site. We’ve used, and refined, our platforms on the job site. This passion and experience meet with the HarborScout – which will exceed your expectations by getting the job done time and time again.

Wireless Data

The HarborScout is equipped with a long range 900mhz (optionally 433mhz, 2.4ghz, cellular or bridged LAN) data link which provides telemetry in real-time on your laptop via the included USB radio modem. This allows for wireless observation of the current position overlaid on a map, pitch/roll, battery status, depth, mission status and a wide array of custom parameters. In addition to observing real-time data, operators may also redirect the boat, upload, change/update missions at anytime the boat is within range.

Real-Time Depth & Avoidance

The HarborScout features real-time on-screen depth and will deviate to avoid running ground in auto mode – making your shoreline data acquisition much less stressful. We’ve been there done that. Slogging through the muck to get USVs unstuck after they’ve run aground – and said this should be a thing of the past. The avoidance system works and greatly reduces run aground incidents.

Autopilot – As easy or as powerful as you want

The HarborScout comes equipped with an industry-leading autopilot system complete with gyros, accelerometers and multi-GNSS based navigation – it is capable of executing complex waypoint based scripted missions.  But it also has an R/C controller making it as simple to use as a toy R/C boat. Operators may make use of a laptop, plan complex missions, operate it by selecting points on a map in real-time – or show up at the job site, toss it in the water and drive by hand – the choice is yours – the automatic capabilities are controlled by a single toggle switch. And, unlike drone aircraft, a mistake doesn’t typically cost $1000s.

A wide range of payloads

We offer a number of payloads for the HarborScout. A common configuration is an Airmar Single Beam and Lowrance Elite 7Ti2. The Airmar for cm level depths and the Lowrance for water column verification – a powerful capability in an affordable package. Please see below for specifics but keep in mind – you’re not limited to what is available on this site, the HarborScout can be configured to accommodate a wide range of equipment. Our hulls are laser cut from aluminium and TIG welded – there are no moulds – so, if there is a customization you’d like to see on your boat, just ask! We are happy to put together a system which best meets your specific needs.

Airmar Echorange Single Beam Sonar with SimpleLogger

  • Lowrance Elite 7TI2
  • EU 400 Package
  • EU D32 Package
  • EU D52 Package
  • Micro Water Sampler
  • Custom Integrations

Key Features

  • Welded Aluminum Hull
  • Convenient 1250mm size
  • 53lb Weight
  • Integrated Handle
  • Full Autopilot
  • Long Range Telemetry
  • On-Screen Real-Time Depth
  • Automatic Shallows/Run Aground Avoidance
  • Game Pad style R/C Transmitter
  • Laptop & Tablet Support
  • 4 Hour Endurance/1hr Charge Time with hot-swappable batteries
  • Wide Array of Payloads


  • Material: TIG welded, Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Length: 52” (1320mm)
  • Width: 16″ (326mm)
  • Weight: 55lbs (25kg)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Voltage: 22.2
  • Battery Capacity: 40,000mah
  • Endurance: 8hrs @ 1.3m/s
  • Charge Time: 120 Minutes

Please contact us for

  • Any unlisted combination of equipment you need
  • Cellular or Iridium Satellite Control
  • Integrating other/your Equipment, payloads and custom designs

Additional information

Dimensions 132 × 32.6 × 20 cm


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